Artist in Residence at 18th Street Arts Center
Presented at LACMA

[Stefan Benchoam, Jessica Kairé]

Founded in 2012, NuMu (Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo) is the first and only contemporary art museum in Guatemala dedicated exclusively to supporting, exhibiting, and documenting contemporary art. NuMu is an artist-run space, co-founded and directed by artists Jessica Kairé (b. 1980) and Stefan Benchoam (b. 1983). This iconic structure has become embedded in Guatemala City’s urban landscape, and NuMu’s minuscule size has led artists to think creatively about space and develop site-specific projects.

For A Universal History of Infamy, a one-to-one fiberglass replica of NuMu will host rotating projects by two Guatemalan artists.

Joaquín Orellana: Paisaje Sonoro (Sound Landscape) explores the legacy of Joaquín Orellana (b. 1937), a Latin American avant-garde composer known for creating his own instruments. The exhibition features recordings of Orellana’s most emblematic scores and also includes photographs, programs, and press clippings.

Retrospective presents 30 of Regina José Galindo’s (b. 1974) performance- based works, represented by documents installed on the museum’s windowpanes, as well as an anthology of 30 of the artist’s poems. When this exhibition was originally presented at NuMu in 2013, it was the first survey of Galindo’s work shown in Guatemala.