Vincent Ramos

Presented at Charles white elementary school
Presented at LACMA

Vincent Ramos’s work RUINS OVER VISIONS OR SEARCHIN’ FOR MY LOST SHAKER OF SALT (ANTE DRAWING ROOM) dialogues simultaneously with the past and present through forms of collecting and archiving. Ramos gives as much weight to a page from a TV Guide as he does to primary documents drawn from historical archives. His work reinterprets notions of memory, time, and place within the social, cultural, and political arenas of American society by fusing strains of popular culture with specific historical events. For his curatorial effort at Charles White Elementary School, Ramos considers the body as a transformative “tool” that both adapts to and resists the political, social, and cultural environments of its time and place in history. Ramos will draw extensively from LACMA’s permanent collection and invite the participation of artists, writers, and social justice activists whose work engages with the overarching themes of presence, absence, memory, loss, resilience, and the potential for poetics during politically uncertain times.